Lorraine Lax - Fine Artist

Age of Innocence

mixed media

This series represents computer-enhanced, appropriated children's illustrations from the 50's that are conceptual in nature. The work speaks to simpler times, simpler thoughts and strong values. [continued below...]

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I have vivid recollections of the warmth of growing up in an era of simplicity. I remember the milkman leaving beautiful glass bottles in a metal box with a lid by the side door; Dr. Schoob who always made house calls with a little black bag and how he cared about all the children; stickball in the middle of the street even at night; shooting colorful marbles into dirt holes; flipping baseball cards off the stoop; my happy, sweet Shirley Temple doll, a cozy little home with my very own perfect room overlooking our tiny, green, chain link fenced yard. I remember sitting carefree under a weeping willow tree; my best friend Gail, riding my bike endlessly around the same block; wearing my Mickey Mouse ears wishing I was Annette Funicello. I remember riding the bus just down the road with Gail all by ourselves using our very own money to eat a real burger, real fries and a real shake; always sitting down to dinner each night with mommy and daddy together, the thrill of a few channels on a real TV and the joy of milk and cookies. I long for the past in so many ways. From my perspective we've lost far more than we've gained in the pursuit of self-fulfillment and in the name of progress. What do our children have to look forward to?

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