Lorraine Lax - Fine Artist

NuRiver Landing

abstract & figurative

I was commissioned to produce the majority of the original art and procure the balance, for the public spaces of the upscale, 25-story, $200 Million, riverfront condo in downtown Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale, FL. The project, which spanned a two-and-one-half year period, required that I had to lean on my diversity of style to satisfy a multitude of tastes including both the owners and development team.

Exterior shots of building (2 photos)

Two exterior photographs of NuRiver Landing in downtown Las Olas

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Certainly the most ambitious piece in the building, the lobby triptych, including three 5'x5's totaling 15', is about color, and makes a statement about perseverance. In this case, the challenge, as noted in the painting, included thoughts like putting "One Foot in front of the other," or "Just do it" and "So many layers" speaking to the fact that I'd painted over this piece so many times it was time to come to a close and let it go.

Abstract gold drip painting on wood

Another painting that serves as an ode to John Lennon was designed to integrate successfully with an Asian hallway furniture selection that is a focal point for the entry elevator lobby. The quote incorporated in the, ethereal, wood toned artwork, "Reality Leaves a lot to the Imagination," seems very fitting.

Abstract gold drip painting on wood, in situ

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From the standpoint of color, the two-story atrium lobby/mezzanine spaces can be viewed in unison, so artwork had to be designed synergistically. The pre-dominant colors were chosen based on having timeless appeal, being uplifting and having a South Florida feel. The space features an eight-panel, whimsical, geometric series incorporating a repetitive figure that appears as a character passing through time and space, hill and dale.

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The business center located on the mezzanine level as well, likewise viewed from the lobby in unison, features finger painted floral abstractions in a similar color palette to the art featured on the ground level.

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This area opens onto spectacular views of the ocean and New River and the art was inspired accordingly. The approach is minimalist and with clearly Eastern influences to work closely with large stone Buddha-like sculptures and the understated furnishings. One painting in particular, "FarEast Flora," an ethereal work, seemingly melts in style and color into a brightly colored Asian buffet-style furniture selection that supports the bar/seating area.

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