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Crescent City soldiers

ORLANDO WEEKLY – August 30, 2007

August 30, 2007 edition of the Orlando Weekly; article titled Crescent City soldiers

Lorraine Lax pays artistic homage to New Orleans survivors

"The current NOLA Warrior series... is dedicated to the brave and spirited people of New Orleans... I relate strongly to the need to be a 'life warrior' in order to keep reaching for inner strength no matter what indignities may be heaped upon us," says Lax.

As a whole, the paintings are studies of Lax's layering techniques. She is a process painter who never knows the outcome when she begins a visual journey. It is not unusual for her to paint over a week's worth of work, starting all over again. The approach is personal and painstaking for Lax, but that doesn't stop the torture, which has been a lifelong partner to her artistic expression.

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