Lorraine Lax | Statement

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Photograph of Lorraine's shoes after painting for many hoursMy artwork spans a wide range of emotions, including everything from joyful, colorful and whimsical to provocative, personal and sometimes extreme, mixed media conceptual statements.

As a painter who believes that spiritual connections are possible through the act of painting itself, I thrive on diving into the subconscious with wild abandon. Further, I am intrigued by seeing all the different images and surfaces that are created in the process of covering single works multiple times to reach an end product that satisfies the soul.

Spanning an array of universal emotion, as even the luckiest among us are not spared life's challenges completely, the work invites the viewer to draw from personal internal struggles that are common to the human condition. Themes include the need for love, facing fear, retaining humility, self-acceptance, forgiveness, coping with death, mother love, reaching for dreams and courage.

I've experimented in painting, mixed media and photography since the 1970's, often incorporating my original photographs into artwork in conjunction with vintage jewelry and the written word. I'm inspired by and drawn to images of mannequins in beautiful store windows, classical statues and graffitied walls that I've encountered during my travels to New York City, New Orleans and Europe.

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